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What is NH DESIGN V2.0?

This is an online Solution for Selling Products with customized Motives and Texts including Admin export Tool for a HighQuality Ready-To-Print PNGs in PIXEL.

NH DESIGN V2.0 Highlights:

  • Responsive Design with simple product-search-function
  • Design for OneSide & TwoSides Products
  • Design for Products with & without Size /Colors
  • Unlimited Motives with Category
  • Custome Background Images/ Colors
  • Add Multiple Text lines with Alignments – Convert Text to Curve-Text
  • Add Text as QR-Code into Design
  • Unlimited Normal & Curve Text on each Design-Side
  • Unlimited motives on each Design-Side [Support SVG Format]
  • Upload motives on each Design-Side [Support SVG Format] after accepting Terms & Conditions
  • Support Google Fonts – Optional
  • Support Custome Local Fonts via XML – Optional
  • Canvas Objects Copy and Pate function [CTRL+C/ CRTL+V]
  • Convert Uploaded Image as Background
  • Save and Load the Design with a Design-Code without using a Database
  • Print the Design in PDF
  • Share the Design on Facebook
  • 10 Product Templates with a HQ-Export Tools
  • No SQL Database installation required


  • PHP Server V5.0
  • Browser JavaScript Enabled


  • jQuery
  • Fabric.js
  • PrintThis.js
  • html2canvas.js

Online Demo