NHITRON™ Bootstrap OnePage Template Generator

What is NHITRON™?
It’s a dynamic OnePage Template Builder using PHP, jQuery & Bootstrap Framework.
With NHITRON™ you be able create your website in just a few clicks. You can edit the website at any time and optimize it for search engines. And that without any programming knowledge.

NHITRON™ Highlights:

  • Bootstrap One Page Template
  • Responsive Design
  • Admin Panel with simple Content Management System
  • Dynamic Templates, NHITRON™ Library includes different content Templates, just create your new page, select a Template from Library, edit Texts, upload an Image to customize your page in few minutes.
  • Dynamic Shop – without needs of a DB installation, NHITRON™ provides a 100% dynamic Paypal Shop with a simple Product managment.
  • Create complete Website(html, json, css, etc..) direct on FLY!
  • No Database installation
  • 11 Detailed Video Tutorials for all NHITRON™ function and features
  • NHITRON™ CSS Help File

NHITRON™ Admin Panel live
Admin Login Username: admin
Admin Login Password: nhitron


  • PHP Server V5.0+
  • Browser JavaScript Enabled


  • Bootstrap v3.3.7 Framework
  • jQuery v1.12.4
  • Font Awesome
  • Sweet Alert
  • PrintThis v1.3

Online Demo