NHITRON™ Bootstrap OnePage Template Generator

What is NHITRON™?
It’s a dynamic OnePage Template Builder using PHP, jQuery & Bootstrap Framework.
With NHITRON™ you be able create your website in just a few clicks. You can edit the website at any time and optimize it for search engines. And that without any programming knowledge.

NHITRON™ Highlights:

  • Bootstrap One Page Template
  • Responsive Design
  • Admin Panel with simple Content Management System
  • Dynamic Templates, NHITRON™ Library includes different content Templates, just create your new page, select a Template from Library, edit Texts, upload an Image to customize your page in few minutes.
  • Dynamic Shop – without needs of a DB installation, NHITRON™ provides a 100% dynamic Paypal Shop with a simple Product managment.
  • Create complete Website(html, json, css, etc..) direct on FLY!
  • No Database installation
  • 11 Detailed Video Tutorials for all NHITRON™ function and features
  • NHITRON™ CSS Help File

NHITRON™ Admin Panel live
Admin Login Username: admin
Admin Login Password: nhitron


  • PHP Server V5.0+
  • Browser JavaScript Enabled


  • Bootstrap v3.3.7 Framework
  • jQuery v1.12.4
  • Font Awesome
  • Sweet Alert
  • PrintThis v1.3

Online Demo


What is NH DESIGN V2.0?

This is an online Solution for Selling Products with customized Motives and Texts including Admin export Tool for a HighQuality Ready-To-Print PNGs in PIXEL.

NH DESIGN V2.0 Highlights:

  • Responsive Design with simple product-search-function
  • Design for OneSide & TwoSides Products
  • Design for Products with & without Size /Colors
  • Unlimited Motives with Category
  • Custome Background Images/ Colors
  • Add Multiple Text lines with Alignments – Convert Text to Curve-Text
  • Add Text as QR-Code into Design
  • Unlimited Normal & Curve Text on each Design-Side
  • Unlimited motives on each Design-Side [Support SVG Format]
  • Upload motives on each Design-Side [Support SVG Format] after accepting Terms & Conditions
  • Support Google Fonts – Optional
  • Support Custome Local Fonts via XML – Optional
  • Canvas Objects Copy and Pate function [CTRL+C/ CRTL+V]
  • Convert Uploaded Image as Background
  • Save and Load the Design with a Design-Code without using a Database
  • Print the Design in PDF
  • Share the Design on Facebook
  • 10 Product Templates with a HQ-Export Tools
  • No SQL Database installation required


  • PHP Server V5.0
  • Browser JavaScript Enabled


  • jQuery
  • Fabric.js
  • PrintThis.js
  • html2canvas.js

Online Demo



  • Slick Dynamic Design
  • Support Shoutcast V1.0, V2.0 and Icecast V2.0
  • Dynamic Admin Panel for editing Radio Stations
  • Support MPEG, ACC, ACC+ stream format under Desktop, Android and IOS
  • Support Special characters on Song Title

Complete Help Instruction


  • PHP Server V5.0
  • Browser JavaScript Enabled


  • jQuery
  • SoundManager2.0
  • LastFM AlbumCover [Track search API]
  • Devshed PHP Shoutcast Class

How use this under a WP-Template?
Simply embed this with an Iframe into your PAGE & POST

<iframe src=”http://nhstudio.de/download/JS/NHCastPlayer/demo/” width=”500″ height=”600″></iframe>


nhstudio Activeden Best Seller download package

Download Package inculdes 38 open source AS2/AS3 Fash Projects with detailed PDF help file.
Package Original Price: 460.00 USD
Disount Price: 120.00 USD
Payment method: PAYPAL
for purchase information, please contact support[at]nhstudio.de

Reservier – a Table Reservations Application

What is Reservier?

This is a Table Reservations App powered by Javascript, Backbone.js and PHP.
All informations will save as xml and json under server so no need for DB installation.
Application includes three panels as:


Reservier Highlights:

• Visual Panel of your Resturant Top View showing Tables positions
• Dynamic opening Times for Table Reservation [From 12:00 until 21:00]
• Ability to Block Holidays on Calender
• Multiple Reservation for one Table per Day
• Responsive user Panel for selecting Tables and do Reservation process
• Visual AdminDesignPanel for Designing your Resturant with Decorative Objects and Tables
• AdminControlPanel for managing Reservations List
• Email Notification system for Admin and User
• Guest Reminder-email 30 Minutes before Reservation Time
  General Help Instruction

• PHP5 Server 5.0
• Browser JavaScript Enabled
• PHP mail Server
• reservations folder should have write permission under your server

Browsers Compatibility
• Firefox
• Chrome
• Safari
• Opera
• IE9

• Backbone.js
• jQuery 2.1.0
• jQuery Mobile
• Fabric.js
• zoomooz
• Compass – SASS


JS Flip Book Creator

What is Flip Book-Creator?

This is an online solution for Design Flip Books with custom Backgrounds, Motives and Texts.

Flip Book-Creator Highlights:

• Design a Book with unlimited Pages
• Custom Background Colors and Images
• Unlimited Normal & Curve Text on each Page
• Add Unlimited motives on each Page [Support SVG Format]
• Upload unlimited motives on each Page[Support SVG Format]
• Convert Text to QR-Code on Designs
• Copy and Paste Design Elements
• Powerfull Color Tools
• Drawing Tools
• Using Google Fonts as Custome List via XML
• Save and Load the Design with a Design-Code without using a Database
• Print the Design
• Share the Design on Facebook
• Set user uploaded image as page Background-Image
• Navigation to all Book Designed Pages
• Optional Water-Logo on Page Designs
• Optional Save Designs Local on User Computer
• Optional usage as Free Book Creator or Calculate Book Design Price with order

Good to Know:

• After saving your Design, you will recieve an Email including your DesignCode, next time you can load Your Design including all detailed properties like Prices, Backgrounds, etc.. and continue working on it untill final version, then you can order this, Print-Designer be able to save your name, email and Address and loading this on next time for your convenience.
• For Flip Effect, we’ve used free jQuery Booklet Plugin from William Grauvogel, this part can be replace with other plugins, however you need to prepare a new feed function for your plugin.

General Help Instruction

How add my Motives?

For this just drop your Motives inside images/motives, xml file will update Automatic.
Motives can be in PNG or SVG formats.

What about Google Fonts?

• Using Custome Google fonts in xml/fonts.xml [More details on Google Font setting will be found under General Help Instruction]

What about Payment Method?

PayPal Payment and Bank Transfer already implemented on Order Confirmation Email Admin Tool for generating a FlipBook without WaterLogo after Customer Payment Confirmation:
If you want to use Flip Book Creator selling Custom Design Books, you need to set WaterLogo on your Tools to protect the designs, after user payment confirmation, you can Generate a new version without Water-Logo via BookGenerator.php [with One Click] and send the Book-URL to customer for his usage.

• PHP5 Server
• Browser JavaScript Enabled

Browsers Compatibility
• Firefox
• Chrome
• Safari
• Opera [NO SVG Support]
• IE9 [NO SVG Support]

• jQuery
• Fabric.js
• PrintThis.js
• html2canvas.js
• jQuery Booklet Plugin